Mac Dobbins a.k.a. Sphyramid, is manipulating the conventions of glitch and step music, fusing a street aware nougat of goodness with a layer of delectable dance floor centric womp. Based out of Everett, WA Sphyramid began producing in 2005 and has honed his talent into what can only be described as a breath of fresh air for the Northwest glitch scene. The beats come heavy and fast or low and slow, but either way, they infect deep inside the subconscious and never let go. Whether crafting beats for some of Seattle’s best underground MCs at freestyle shows or bashing the floors all on his own, Sphyramid’s music is a diversion from convention, melding industrial smacks with organic elements that create a perfectly balanced whole that refuses to stay within the bounds of genre. 7 Deadly Records is proud to bring you the music of Sphyramid. Look for his LP in the very near future with fellow label mate, Deepearth.void.

We get good and nasty so you don't have to.

"Naked Giants are a threepiece garage rock wildebeest from Seattle, WA. Grant Mullen's bluesy guitar solos, Henry LaVallee's pounding backbeats, and Gianni Aiello's juicy basslines combine to form a psychedelic whirlwind of fuzz. Their friendship ties together their various influences to curate a different take on the traditional garage rock sound. Unlike what you've heard before, their spontaneity and their stylistically diverse catalogue sets Naked Giants apart from the cutandpaste garage outfit. They bring together sounds influenced by the likes of Ty Segall and the Sonics as well as Pink Floyd and even Spinal Tap with an audible energy that gets any crowd doing the twist.

The band jumped into Seattle's music scene by playing shows to hip teens in museums and to sweaty college kids in packed house shows, and have carried the same pure rock'n'roll energy regardless of the audience or venue." -

Listen to Naked Giants here