Donna Donna is an energetic rock and roll two-piece from the Spokane, WA. Fronted by guitarist and vocalist, Lindsay Johnston (former lead guitarist for Violet Catastrophe), the duo mixes blues, classic rock, punk, and garage rock to create a show that pays homage to the last century of rock and roll evolution. The vocal melodies soar from whispers to all out screams complementing the syncopated and surprising guitar riffs. 

Drummer, Cherri Woith, lends a rhythmic intensity and flare that keep the audience intrigued and the duo grounded as they often pass through multiple tempo changes in a single tune.  


The stage chemistry between the two ladies is captivating and the raw spirit of rock and roll that they embody is palpable. Expect Donna Donna to writhe on the ground, kick over her drum stool, get her fingers bloody from shredding her guitar, and leave every bit of herself on the stage.


Listen to Donna Donna here.