Narrow Tarot


About the artist…

Cold nights shared by firesides while emotions mix down into the inevitable melting pot of musicians becoming bonded at the hip through nothing else but the sonic sensibilities floating through the air, brought us a mystical force - drawn out of the deck, as lyrical lines and riffs were plucked out of the thick fog, an identity began to form. Made up of four beings that personify the adventurous spirit of artistry, Narrow Tarot has a rain steeped character of pouring passion into opportunity and trust in each other into a wave of musical inspiration that sets the coldest hearts on fire. Tessa, Trevor, Marcus and Joe in perfect form on a dimly lit stage is an experience sorely missed and not quickly forgotten, and long car rides to distant places feel more like home with their melodic offspring. Immersion into a sound such as this, is a soul bath.