Warsaw have created a thunderous, dark and sweet brand of rock n’ roll that has earned them a spot in the reemergence of blues rock in the Northwest. Born of Ghosts have taken raw, guitar-driven rock to the next level in their debut LP, Torch, recorded by Chip Butters (Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, Sunny Day Real Estate, Quasi, NOFX) at ButterSound Studios in Everett, WA. Led by frontman Jesse Schmidt, the album punches listeners with 90’s-soaked chord progressions, 60’s psychedelic blues, and gritty vocals reminiscent of early, heavier Soundgarden and even Mother Love Bone. Performing with the likes of The Last Internationale, The Eeries, The Grizzled Mighty, and many known regional names, Warsaw has every intention of carrying their torch along with the next wave of guitar-toting rebels and outlaws

With the release of Wait Don't Wait, SISTERS are not only presenting another pop record full of bangers that demands repeat listens – their second this year – they are also methodically working toward creating a world that is safe for everyone. The thing called hatred; the thing called violence; the things that threaten life and love cannot survive in the face of true joy. SISTERS deliver unrestrained joy, and it is desperately needed right now. The world has been waiting, but it needs wait no more.