Sleepwell Citizen (formerly branded as John Paul and the Apostles) is a three piece group that consists mainly of spit, mud, and the constant urge to destroy new things in a beautiful way. Follow this miscreant triad and watch with concerned delight as they embark on a new venture for glory and destruction. Guitarist and songwriter, Tyson Lee's vision of melodic, driving garage-rock-passion mashed with drummer, Joe Jarvis and bassist, Evan Smith's more traditionally honed talents fuse to create a unique approach and sound of their own. Garage prog, grunge, forest rock, subatomic filth pop, Dave..? Whatever you want to call it, Sleepwell Citizen will be serving it up hot and messy for your guilty pleasure. 

“They definitely cover the roots of a kind of punky expression, but also delve into more interdimensional landscapes of their guitar tones and's going to be a great album.”
- Chip Butters, ButtersSound Studio

Several years of touring the PNW, nine bassists and a kazoo player later, we are now working on our next album: 'This Is Only A Test' which will be released 2016 in colaboration with Soniphone Records