About the artist…

Shook, the debut full length from Everett, WA’s TELLERS, is a record of both wide-open spaces and quiet moments, its eleven tracks drawing from the windswept and rain-soaked sonic heritage of their Northwest home. Shook is a flush, beautiful record, layered in organ and guitar. Lyrically, the album is a meditation on death in a myriad of forms: of loved ones, of relationships, and of ideals. Yet it is laced throughout with moments of childlike innocence. This lends it a palpable internal tension: an acknowledgement of a dark world, apocalyptic even, where the search for truth and goodness is urgent and necessary. At turns, grand and intimate, suffused with fearless honesty, Shook flickers in the dark with a warm orange glow. The road we all walk might meander between triumph and tragedy, but TELLERS reminds us that we do not walk that road alone.